Photos from a Surgeon in Haiti

Most of these photos were sent to me by Dr. Nadine Semer, a plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles. Semer wrote to me to tell me about the concerns she had after volunteering in post-quake Haiti. Our ensuing email exchanges and phone calls would become the basis for my Haiti story. It is my hope that other listeners interested in interrogating seemingly good ideas will reach out to me, too.

Hover over the tags on the photos below and then click the Play button to hear Semer’s descriptions.

A child amputee sits up in her hospital bed in Jacmel, Haiti. UN Photo/Marco Dormino.

Dr. Nadine Semer with Haitian medical students. Courtesy: Nadine Semer

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s clinic in Haiti. Courtesy: Nadine Semer

Haitian woman Photo courtesy: Nadine Semer

Haitian woman with external fixator. Courtesy: Nadine Semer

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