Tiny Spark & PRI’s The World: Hitting the Road!

After a holiday hiatus I’m pleased to report that 2013 is off to a very good start!

I’m joining forces with the public radio program The World for a new four-part series on global health and development issues. I’m thrilled to be getting back to my reporting roots: heading off to various corners of the globe in search of great stories. First stop: Africa!
With The World, I’ll be producing an in-depth series that takes a critical, Tiny Sparkish approach to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. With on-the-ground reporting, we’ll follow the charitable money trail. We’ll ask tough questions of well-intentioned people and programs. I’ll be digging through documents and traveling down dirt roads. All this, with the aim of figuring out how Doing Good can be done better. My radio stories will be broadcast on The World and my podcasts will be available right here at Tiny Spark. We also plan to bring you innovative online material enabling you to dig deeper into some great stories.

I’m in the early stages of reporting this series. I’llĀ  be posting updates from the field and asking for your input along the way. If you think there’s a global health or development issue that needs further investigation, I’d love to hear from you.

More soon!


  1. Great to hear, Amy! I was just in Kenya with Habitat for Humanity. Hope you don’t uncover anything dodgy about them because it was such a good trip.

    • Amy

      Thanks, Ashley! Don’t plan to cover Habitat…at least not this time around! But…ya never know! Hope your visit to Kenya was a huge success!

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