Our New Intern!

I’m very happy to introduce Tiny Spark’s first intern!

Dhanya Addanki is a journalism major and senior at The University of Texas at Austin. She is interested mainly in using different media platforms to affect social change and to empower developing communities. Dhanya’s experience includes international sustainable development, reporting, extensive research, community based learning practices, storytelling and non-profit management. Dhanya tells me she wants to ask tough questions in order to provide lasting solutions to extreme poverty. I feel very lucky to have her on the team.

And since it’s a topic of much discussion, yes, Tiny Spark believes that interns should be paid.

Welcome aboard, Dhanya!


  1. Prabhu Das

    Wonderful to see you along with other Tiny Sparks, who evaluate the performance of non-profit organisations and provide solutions to the issues related to the needy and marginalised communities all over the developing countries. God bless your endeavours.

  2. kohath kenore

    we are very happy to see your achievement in journalism and in helping the needy people.

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