Positive Stories? We’re Listening…

I took this picture near my home in Austin, Texas. I love the LISTEN sign and the tranquility of the space. In a world where most of us are busy broadcasting our news, it’s nice to be reminded to create spaces for listening, too.

With that in mind, I wanted you to know that I’ve been listening to all of you. One thing I’m hearing: you want to hear positive stories on Tiny Spark. Yes, you dig our hard-hitting investigations and you want more of them. But you also want to hear about projects that are working. You want to know why projects are successful and how they’re managing to have real and lasting impact in communities.

I agree. Digging deep on success stories is vital if we’re going to fulfill our mission here at Tiny Spark, which is to figure out how to do good better. In fact, we’re planning to bring you such a story from India. I’m excited about the initiative we plan to profile. The young, American founders put a lot of effort into figuring out exactly what communities needed most before they even launched their project. They then identified local interventions and seem to be having success helping some of the world’s poorest to help themselves. If you’ve been listening to our previous stories, you know that these are critical starting points for any well-intentioned initiative. We’re also working with an excellent reporter on this story. And since she’s excellent, she’s also busy! So look out for her story in July or August…

In the meantime, I’m lining up some interviews with a couple of intriguing authors – one is an aid worker who will give us a candid, insider’s view about what it’s really like to criss-cross the globe on behalf of humanitarian organizations; another author has uncovered some interesting findings about what does and does not motivate people to give to charities. The answers surprised me…and I think they’ll surprise you, too. I plan to interview both this month, so look out for those podcasts soon!

And please keep sending me your story ideas! Insider tips have led to two investigations on Tiny Spark. We keep all correspondence confidential. Or just drop me a note to say hey. I love hearing from you.

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