Tiny Spark Heads to Southern India

As we announced earlier this month, Tiny Spark is going to be expanding its coverage of philanthropy, nonprofits and for-profit social good initiatives, thanks to a generous grant from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

As part of our growth, we will strengthen two of our coverage areas: investigative reporting and in-depth interviews. I am excited to share more details about this as our plans take shape in the months ahead. In addition, we are scanning the nation and the globe to bring you thoughtful reporting on initiatives that are showing promise, too, beginning with our next podcast!

Over this past summer, with the help of Tiny Spark’s Kickstarter backers, we commissioned a story from India. Reporter Rhitu Chatterjee (pictured above), a long-time public radio correspondent and resident of India, traveled to the southern village of Pollachi, where she took a hard look at a program aimed at helping the rural poor. When Rhitu returned from her trip, she told me that she was impressed by what she saw. “The program treats the poor not as passive recipients of aid, but as smart, discerning consumers who know best what they need.”

Rhitu discovered many other promising things about this project, which we look forward to sharing with you. We’re also going to dig beneath the luster to uncover the challenges faced by the American women who founded the project and hear what lessons they’ve been learning along the way. After all, we want to bring you more than fluffy profiles of feel-good projects; we want to unpack initiatives to figure out WHY they are succeeding. It’s my hope that this approach will help – and even improve – other initiatives across the globe that are striving to have real and enduring impact.

Look out for Rhitu’s story in October.

Til then, please keep the feedback and story ideas coming!

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